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Vegan restaurants in Rome

Being vegan is great, whatever reason you choose for your vegan lifestyle there are so many different benefits. One thing that I find can be a challenge though is finding good places to eat. Of course with the rise in popularity towards the vegan lifestyle over the past few years we are seeing more and more choices in many different restaurants. This is fantastic, but in the same respect it still feels like our dining options are still an after thought across many different dining options. The same generic meals being put on offer without even a single thought to our taste buds. It can seem like a bit of a task to find the best vegan restaurants in Rome considering the limitations.  

If you are a resident in Rome looking for somewhere new or are planning a trip here, it can sometimes be hard to accommodate for dietary needs. This is, especially the case when everything seems to be covered in cheese or accompanied with a selection of different meats. Difficult yes, impossible? No. With just a little digging I was able to find plenty of decent restaurants that either cater exclusively for vegans or at least offer vegan alternatives.

Below are the best vegan restaurants in Rome. With their unique recipes and flavorful dishes I can’t help feeling just a little bit hungry. Say goodbye to bland and hello to delectable. 

best vegan restaurants in Rome. Roman colosseum

True taste of Rome, vegan style?

When you ask someone about truly authentic Italian food there are always a few things that come to mind. Pasta, of course and pizza. Two of best foods ever, comforting, carby goodness. You simply can’t go to Rome and not have these two dishes. You’ll be pleased to hear that there is an absolutely fantastic vegan restaurant in Rome called Rifugio Romano. Centrally located, family run and reasonable priced, you can’t ask for much more. 

With well over 50 different vegan options you can’t say you’re not spoiled for choice, from tapas style starters to vegan calzones these guys really have you covered. They are open from 11 to 11 Tuesday to Sunday and I really think that you should give them a go. 

check out their awesome vegan pizza’s!

Vegan burger? Yes please!!

So one thing you may miss if you haven’t always been a vegan, since making the transition is a good burger. Well fear not, we have the answer! well, we have the answer if you’re in or around Rome. Flower burger in central Rome is home to quite a few crazy creations. With their unique look and amazing taste flower burger has found popularity amongst tourists and locals and even features on social media frequently due to their unique looking food. Let’s just say that if you fancy going there and taking a snap you wouldn’t be the only one.

They make their buns all sorts of crazy colours using natural ingredients which is nice. The yellow is fashioned using turmeric while their famous red buns are made using beetroot and cherry extract. They even use vegetable charcoal to make black buns. 

There’s not much else to say, get over there and buy one of their burgers, you won’t be disappointed. You can even take a snap of your funky meal and become all the rage on Instagram, you know… if that’s your thing. 

check out Flower Burger!

All Vegan restaurant, Ma Va?

It’s really nice to see a lot of restaurants offering vegan options on their menu, It’s even more pleasant though when you find an all vegan restaurant, especially a good one. Ma Va? is a vegan restaurant that manages to provide lovely tasting food at a good price. 

Now the restaurant may not look as though it is anything special but it does have a nice cosy feel to it, it’s more of a cafe than a restaurant in it’s appearance if you ask me, but the important thing is the food really is good. The opening times are a bit strange too so make sure you try to work around this, lunch opening is from midday until 3pm and dinner is served from 8pm until late. I presume the time the restaurant is closed between lunch and dinner is to prepare for the dinner service.

The restaurant has a really quite wide selection of dishes and has more traditional options as well as dishes that try new flavour combinations that are executed well. You will be pleased to know that the food is priced well also with the most expensive dishes sitting at around the 13 euro mark with cheaper dishes starting from around 5 euro. 

check out Ma Va’? vegan restaurant

vegan burger in Rome
Vegan burgers, you'd never know the difference.

Rome sweet treats

When it comes to sweet treats then nowhere does it better than Grezzo in Rome. Being one of several establishments under the same name it’s quite easy to see why they have had so much success. Walking into their shop come eatery in Rome feels like you’re walking into some sort of luxury chocolate advert. Everything seems perfectly made and so delicious. All the ingredients are natural and unrefined and more importantly vegan friendly. 

Take a look at Grezzo Raw Chocolate’s established site

Moving on, if ice cream and other frozen fancies are more up your street then keep reading! There’s a lovely place called Brivido which specialises in vegan friendly frozen treats. This place has so many different flavour ice creams you’ll forever be satisfied whatever you may be fancying. be sure to check them out. I’m not sure about the best vegan restaurant in Rome but it certainly is one of the best vegan ice cream parlour!

Ask the chef

Sometimes you will find yourself in a situation where your not in a vegan restaurant, it’s not the end of the world, it happens. You will find this happens more so if you are part of a larger group or part of a family where you are part of a minority surrounded by meat eaters. This is probably something you have gotten used to by now so will know how to handle it.

 If you find yourself somewhere where there is a lot of limitations food wise then why not ask the chef to rustle you up something off the menu, or perhaps tweak a meal to make it more vegan friendly. If you are friendly and polite and in a reputable restaurant then there shouldn’t be any problem. Top tip, if you are booking a table in advance then you can always take the oppurtunity to raise eating options there and then to make the restaurant aware and give them time to come a solution.


Back on track, I know the last recommendation wasn’t exactly a vegan restaurant, but it’s good to have a backup in a squeeze. Anyway moving on. Zazie is exactly what a vegan is looking for, good quality food, fresh whole ingredients and an explosion of taste to please any palette. Another benefit is the food is cheap too which is also a bonus. 

This restaurant comes with a very cosy and relaxing feel, partly contributed by the friendly staff and the food helps carry on the high standards. The goal for this place is to provide really flavorful, colourful food and boy do they achieve that. They offer a range of different dishes from traditional meals to wholesome salads, they even have a fully fledged juice bar and extensive drinks menu.

Make sure to check out zazie’s vegan restaurant

A good chef will always try to accommodate

There you have it, a small selection of the best vegan restaurants in Rome, it’s not all of them by any means but it’s a start and i’m sure you’re going to absolutely love each and every one of them. The rise in popularity in the vegan movement means it is becoming easier to find good quality vegan food at restaurants and even restaurants that cater exclusively to vegans. If you think that there aren’t any good restaurants about then think again. 

People seem to associate Italy with a strong food culture that leans heavily towards meat and cheese. While they are not wrong, it is not the be all and end all. There is a lot of new alternatives to these ingredients which are being used more and more frequently, Cheeseboard and wine? do it vegan style. Double pepperoni pizza? vegan style! you get the idea.

Go forth and vegan!

As you may have imagined I have only scratched the surface here but it gives you a good idea of where to go from here. We over here at TravelHop hope you enjoyed this little article and if you would like to see similar articles in the future then please drop a comment down below. If you’ve got time please check out the other articles available including Barcelona on a budget and Backpacking essentials. If none of that takes your fancy then a full list of our articles can be found here! 

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