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There is lots to see and do in the capital of the united kingdom. Unfortunately there’s normally too many things to do and not enough days to see it all. This three day London itinerary has been made for those who only have a few days off and want to make the most of it. 

The way in which this article is structured is it is split into three days and on each day there are going to be a couple of suggestions of things to do that day along with suggested duration of each. There will also be a section on good places to eat on each day. 

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London Itinerary: Day 1

Make sure you get up nice and early to take in as much of the day as possible, it’s going to be a busy day!

The British Museum

london itinerary british museum

The first stop on our list is the British Museum set in the heart of London in the Bloomsbury area.  The focus of the museum is on art, history and culture and features something for everyone. There are many different sections in the museum which have a completely unique look and feel. Take a wander through time in their Egyptian department and hang with the mummies. Fight in the arena amongst the gladiators in the Rome walk through. Be sure to check out their programme for the day and see what tours and guides they have on for the day, it can be very informative and interesting. This place is great because it provides a really immersive experience with their themed sections. 

There are also cafes and restaurants on site as well as a gift shop, so I suggest bringing a bit of money to pick up something to eat and a souvenir. 

Opening Times: 10-17:30 daily (20:30 closing on Friday’s)

Suggested Duration: 3 Hours 

Costs: Free admission, a donation of £5 if however suggested

Address: Great Russell St, Bloomsbury, London WC1B 3DG

Website: https://www.britishmuseum.org/

Tower of London

Next on our list is the famous tower of London. The tower has had many uses over the years from when it was first built  by William the conqueror in 1078. Most notoriously being used as a prison for hundreds of years, although this was not it’s first purpose, rather it was intended as the majesty’s royal palace. This place is full of heritage and if you want a first person look at London’s history then this needs to be on your travel itinerary. It’s even been said that one of Henry VIII’s wife, Anne Boleyn’s ghosts haunts the tower after her execution in 1536. 

Opening times: 

Summer months: Tuesday – Saturday (09:00 – 17:30) Sunday to Monday (10:00 – 17:30)

Winter months: Tuesday – Saturday (09:00 – 16:30) Sunday to Monday (10:00 – 16:30)

Suggested duration: 3 Hours

Costs: Adult: £24.70 Child: £11.70 (These are online prices, expect to pay a few pounds more if buying tickets on the day)

Address: St Katharine’s & Wapping, London EC3N 4AB 

Website: https://www.hrp.org.uk/tower-of-london/

Big Ben

london itinerary

Round off the day with a nice stroll along the river Thames, across the bridge and take a look at the stunning architecture that is Big Ben. Designed with a new gothic finish the famous bell tower sits an impressive 96 metres above the ground spanning across 11 floors. sadly at the time of writing this article the bell tower is undergoing slight renovations and repairs so therefore you will be unable to hear the iconic bell ring or partake in a guided tour. That being said though it’s still worth the visit and a picture will never be able to give you a true representation of just how amazing this architecture is. 

Costs: Free

Suggested Duration: 30 minutes 

Address: Westminster, London. SW1A 0AA

London Itinerary: Day 2

Madame Tussauds

Madame Tussauds of London needs to be on your travel Itinerary. This wax museum boats an impressive collection of celebrities and public figures. There has even been a wax figure of the hulk! The London wax museum is so realistic and impressive that Its sometimes hard to tell the real from the fake. This statement was made true by famous singer Ozzy Osbourne back in 2010 when he pretended to be a wax figure at one of Madame Tussauds attractions in Nashville. It just goes to show how realistic these figurines must be. They are spooky good quality so please go have a look. 

Opening Times: 9:00-16:00 weekdays, 9:00-17:00 weekends

Suggested Duration: 4 Hours 

Costs: Child ticket costs £24, adult £29 (online prices)

Address: Marybelone road, London, NW1 5LR 

Website: https://www.madametussauds.com/london/en/

London Dungeons

London dungeons is a perfect addition to the London three day itinerary. The popular attraction is situated along the south bank area. The dungeon makes use of live actors, rides and special effects to help create a truly immersive experience which is fun for all the family (be warned that the London Dungeons is somewhat scary and therefore may not be suitable for younger audiences). The attraction was opened in 1974 and was originally a wax attraction but has developed into so much more over the years. Tickets are £30 on the day so it’s worth booking in advance to save money. Tickets purchased online are 20% cheaper.

Opening Times: 9:00-17:00 standard, open later during school holidays and weekends

Suggested Duration: 3 – 4 Hours 

Costs: Tickets available from £24 online.

Address: Westminster Bridge Rd, London, SE1 7PB 

Website: https://www.thedungeons.com/

London Eye

Why not wrap your day up by taking in the views at the top of one of Londons most popular attractions. This observation tower attracts over 3.76 million visitors a year and sits a staggering 443 foot in the air, giving you wonderful panoramic views for miles around when sat at the top of the wheel. The capsules have a maximum capacity of 25 people and are host to many different types of events from dining experiences to valentine’s day treats. As well as this the capsules can be individually hired to suit a whole host of occasions. So whether you are planning on proposing to a special someone or just hosting an awesome party then these guys have you covered. 

Opening Times: 10:00 – 8:30 pm . Open till 9:30 pm on Thursday to Sunday

Suggested Duration: 30 minutes 

Costs: Tickets available from £30 for adults (16+), £24 for children (ages 3 – 15). Children under 3 go free 

Address: Lambeth, London, SE1 7PB 

Website: https://www.londoneye.com/

London Itinerary: Day 3

Go to the theatre

london itinerary

There are many great things to see and do in London. But you simply cannot, CANNOT go to London without seeing a show in one of London’s iconic theatres. It’s one thing that London does really well and has got it down to an art form. It doesn’t matter what you see, you will have a good time. The immersive shows help you lose yourself and really get wrapped up in the moment. 

If you need any suggestions on good shows then a quick google search will help you find some good results. I personally recommend seeing the Lion King or Wicked. Both shows are absolutely fantastic and well worth a watch. shows are generally twice a day with an afternoon and evening showing. I suggest making a booking for the evening show, this way you can enjoy your day, go for a nice meal then catch a show, its a brilliant way to end the day.

Natural history museum

london itinerary museum

The natural history museum is another popular museum on this list and boats an impressive near five and a half million visitors a year, that’s a staggering 15 thousand a day. It’s no wonder that the museum attracts such a huge amount of people, the beautiful architecture and breathtaking exhibits are enough to grab anyone’s attention. 

The great thing with this one is it won’t cost you a penny! The entry is free and is open daily from 09:00 till 17:50 with last admission at 17:30. There’s a lot to see and do with this one so i would advise allowing yourself 4 hours or more for a visit, I personally could spend the whole day here!

Opening Times: 09:00 – 5:30 pm 

Suggested Duration: 4 – 5+ hours

Costs: Entry is free although they do accept donations

Address: Cromwell Road, London, SW7 5BD

Website: https://www.nhm.ac.uk/visit.html

Westfield London

London is a big place, with a diverse and extensive shopping scene. But what if you could get all your favourite shops as well as local independent businesses all in one location? Enter Westfield, more specifically Westfield London Shopping Centre. This behemoth of a shopping centre is the biggest in the whole of the United Kingdom and has a total of 450 stores spanning across 5 floors. 

There’s plenty of time to explore this place as it is open late, until 10pm daily, with the exception of Sunday where the doors close as 6pm. There’s honestly a shop for everyone here, heck there’s even a dentist! you can also enjoy lunch at one of the many eateries that cater to a wide range of tastes and requirements, entry is free as you’d expect but be sure to bring along so spending money. 

Opening Times: 10am – 10pm Monday to Saturday, Sundays 12 – 6pm.

Suggested Duration: 2+ hours

Costs: Entry is free 

Address: Ariel Way, London, W12 7GF

Website: https://uk.westfield.com/london

London itinerary: Where to eat

There’s no disputing the fact that London is a big place and therefore finding somewhere good to eat is sometimes a bit daunting, or at least, it feels that way to me. As well as this there so much choice and if you do get a recommendation it can sometimes be on the other side of the city which believe me can be a pain to travel across sometimes. below are a few suggestions of where to eat for each day based on the locations you will be visiting and therefore somewhere good within an appropriate vicinity. Again these are just my suggestions and maybe not to all tastes.

Day One

If you’ve ended your day by walking along the embankments and are gazing up at Big Ben then you’ll find that you are in the area of Westminster/Lambeth/Southbank sort of area, depending on what side of the river you are. If this is the case then why not try out The library at county hall. The restaurant serves several different types of cuisine at a reasonable price and if you are lucky enough to get a window seat you can look out and take in the sites.The inside decor is relaxed and inviting and has a lovely warming feel, be warned though the restaurant is only open Monday, Tuesday, Saturday and Sunday. Due to it’s popularity It would be a good idea to book a table. 

Day Two

if you have ended your day near the London Eye then you’ll again find yourself near the Southbank area, you could wine and dine on the observation wheel by booking in advance or you could perhaps take a look at a wonderful restaurant called Gillrays Steakhouse & bar, just a short walk from the London Eye, they specialise in steak as you can imagine so if you’re a big meat eater then this will be the place for you. the atmosphere is very good here and the food is even better, what more could you want!

Day Three 

I’m afraid for day three i cant help you! if you’ve gone to see a show then you could pretty much be anywhere in London! There’s a lot of choice so be sure to always have a handy app to help you decide by looking at other peoples reviews of places, TripAdvisor is a good one. 

That just about wraps it up folks! if you’ve liked what you have read today then please feel free to drop a comment below, constructive criticism is always welcome and I’m always open for suggestions on future articles or even collaborations. As always thank you for checking out this post and feel free to check out more travel guides and itineraries here!

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