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Zoo’s, nature trails and aquariums are just a few of the things to do while in Singapore. Read on for the full list of things that should 100% be on your to do list.

Singapore Zoo

One of the many animals at Singapore zoo

One of Singapore’s must see attractions has to be the Singapore Zoo. Opening it’s doors to over 1.9 million tourists annually, this has to be on your list. With an impressive collection of over 2,400 specimens and 300 species spanning over a 26 hectare park, this can be an all day adventure! The park offers a wide range of additional activities such as night and river safaris, as well as shows and your standard eateries. 

Tickets start out as S$37 for adult tickets and S$25 for children, this is the equivalent of $27/£20 and $18/£14 for adults and children respectively. Promotions can be found from time to time so it’s worth keeping your eyes open. Other options are multi park tickets which allow entry to 3 other parks which can save up to 50%. There are eateries placed throughout the park but the quality of the food has been described as poor, you may be better of saving your money and packing a lunch before you go. 

S.E.A Aquarium

just one of the species at Singapore S.E.A Aquarium

Out of the top amazing things to do whilst in Singapore, this one needs to be on your list. S.E.A Aquarium is home to an impressive 100,000 marine animals spanning across 1000 different species. Hammerhead sharks, giant eels and Manta rays are just a few of the impressive range of creatures on show. The S.E.A Aquarium hosts an array of different events including sleep over events which is perfect for families. They even offer VIP tours. For the thrill seeker they offer a range of different underwater experiences such as the popular underwater shark encounter.

Also on offer is a wide selection of themed restaurants as well as different shops for trinkets so it’s worth bringing some extra cash with you. Tickets start at S$30 and have a wide range of choices to suit a party of any size and age group. Bundles can be tailored to suit your needs and can save money so it’s worth having a look before the day. 

Singapore Botanic Gardens

Tranquillity at Singapore Botanic Gardens

If beautiful scenery, exotic flowers and a whole other level of tranquillity is for you then this next one is a must. Celebrating it’s 160th year anniversary, the Singapore Botanic Gardens consistently has a whole host of events. The gardens are open daily from 5am until midnight and even better has free admission so you can enjoy the site without any expense to yourself. 

The garden has 5 service desks located throughout the park and has information on the different areas within the park. Guided tours are available free of charge. There are several different themed areas within the gardens, such as an orchid garden and a bonsai garden. It is worth noting that some of the smaller gardens close before the park itself, so it’s worth giving yourself plenty of time to take in all the sights. 

MacRitchie Nature Trail

Enjoy a stroll through the forest

The MacRitchie Nature Trail is a popular spot for enthusiastic walkers and nature lovers alike. The trail boasts an impressive treetop walk that has a bridge suspended 250 metres above the ground high within the forests canopy. Remember to bring along with you sensible footwear as well as plenty of water and some food if you’re planning on staying for a while. Another tip is to arrive earlier to avoid the crowds. If you prefer to enjoy your scenery without the hustle and bustle then it is best to get here early in the morning. 

If you’re lucky you will be able to see the trails popular residents whilst on your travels. Monkeys, lizards and snakes are amongst some of the animals to see if you look hard enough.

Cloud forest

The beautiful waterfall at Cloud Forest Singapore

This little piece of heaven should be on your list. Gaining a certificate of excellence in 2018 from TripAdvisor, it is one of the highest rated attractions in Singapore. Featuring a spectacular waterfall and breathtaking “cloud walk” it truly is a treat for the eyes. The park consists of several different dining options to suit all tastes, from cafes, food halls and even established restaurants (theres even a McDonalds). 

Tickets start from S$12 for children and S$20 for adults, there is usually an offer on, at the time of writing this article there is 10% off as well as bundled ticket options for more savings. The site also consists of 5 shops, each with their own design and feel. The shops offers a range of different gifts and souvenirs such as plants and living terrariums. Be mindful though, when buying gifts, especially live plants, they may not get through customs unless previously declared.

Singapore Flyer

Singapore Flyer

Top things to do while in Singapore? Well you can’t be more on top of things than this next entry. The Singapore Flyer is a giant ferris wheel, or observation wheel if you like. Sitting at a staggering 165 metres tall it is one of Asia’s tallest tourist attractions and rightfully so. At the top of the wheel it is said that you can see 45 kilometres in any direction. To put that in perspective, When sitting at the top you can see the whole of Singapore. 

Tickets start from S$21 for children and S$33 for adults. If purchased online you can enjoy a 10% discount, so it is best to purchase ahead of time. It is worth checking out their official website. They offer a range of different information about the different dining options on site as well as other events and promotions such as champagne on the wheel! If that takes your fancy. 

The Southern Ridges

One of the eight trails

Spanning an impressive 10 kilometres and consisting of three main parks this is an all day treat. There are eight trails amongst the three parks, so there is lots of choice. With stunning views of the harbour and the southern islands be sure to bring along a camera. Parks are open from 7am daily for 12 hours so there’s plenty of time to take in the sights. 

If you’re travelling in a larger group then you may want to invest in a guided tour. Tours start at S$60 for groups of up to 15 people so can work out being really good value. The tours are two hours long and give you a real understanding of the heritage of the site and it’s enriched history. Be sure to always book in advance as these tours are on set dates and only allow two groups at a time. As always be sure to wear appropriate clothing and footwear and bring along plenty of water. 

Universal Studios Singapore

The iconic landmark at Singapore's Universal Studio

You can’t have a list of top things to do whilst in Singapore without including Universal Studios Singapore. There truly is something for everyone here. Roller coasters, themed events and overnight experiences are just a few of the things that are on offer. Open from 10am till 7pm daily, it’s a good idea to get here early and stay late. There is always different events on so it is worth booking in advance to get there on a day when there is extras on offer. 

It’s worth checking out the Universal Studios website as they are always offering discounted prices and promotions. You can tweak your experience to suit you with bundles such as entry and dining deals. Standalone tickets cost S$59 for children and S$79 for adults. 

Orchard Road

orchard road singapore
The best shopping in all of Singapore

Time for a bit of shopping! Making an entry on this list is Orchard Road, a shopper’s paradise. The 2.2 kilometre stretch of road is packed full of shops and eateries. If there is something you need to buy you can find it here. You can spend all day wandering down the road taking breaks along the way in one of their many cafes and bars. With a mix of both local and international shops, you can find big name brands as well as quirky locally made crafts. You can wrap the day up by having a meal in one of the many restaurants, with every type of cuisine you can imagine. Stretching your evening out with cocktails after dinner is also a must. 

That’s it, the top nine things to do whilst in Singapore. There’s lots to do in this amazing country so make sure you go exploring. If you enjoyed this post, feel free to check out my previous post: Maldives tips and tricks. Please share this post and leave a comment down below, i’d love to hear what you guys would like to read next. 

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