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Bandung is capital of Indonesia’s West Java province and has a population of around 2.4 million. Known to be a popular shopping destination this large city sits at a 768m elevation. There is plenty to see and do in Bandung so without further ado, here is the top 11 things to do in Bandung. 

NuArt Sculpture Park

NuArt Sculpture Park is an art museum located to the north of Bandung and is set over a 3 hectare park. It contains mostly the work of sculptor Nyoman Nuarta Spanning from the beginning of his career to his most recent work. The park is open from 9 – 5 Sunday to Thursday and 9 until 9 on Friday and Saturday. The art is said to represent the development of Indonesia and outlines it’s design and culture.

Tips during your visit

Tickets on the day are 25,000 Rp for children (over 2) and 50,000 Rp for adult tickets. This translates to about $1.75 for children and $3.50 for adults. There is an on site cafe, although it’s choices are limited so its best to bring along a lunch. It’s best to give yourself between 2 to 4 hours to take in all the sites and there is a lovely on-site craft boutique that sells a whole host of different jewelry and other crafts.


tea plantation
Tea plantation

Tea Country

We are of course talking about the spectacular tea fields that surrounds the region of Bandung. The trade of tea leaves has been massive in the development of Indonesia as a whole, especially for Bandung. You can spend the day strolling through these picturesque area’s. I suggest giving yourself a minimum around about two to three hours to take in the sites. Remember to bring along with you are appropriate footwear and something to drink. 

Volcano excursion

As you may or may not be aware, the city of Bandung is set amid several volcanoes, both live and dormant. You simply cannot go to Bandung without taking a day excursion to see the volcanoes. There are many different day excursions to several various volcanoes in the area. The one i suggest to see is Tangkuban Perahu. This volcano is one of the most popular in the area and boats spectacular views of the volcano and surrounding area at the highest points. 

Tips during your visit

Be mindful of how you plan your day out. The cost of excursions is based on your starting location and who you book with. Be sure to always book in advance to avoid disappointment and too get the best prices. If you’re a solo traveller and are planning to do several other days out during your stay in Bandung then it may be more cost effective to rent out a scooter and make your own way up there. When up on the volcano you are likely to be approached by people trying to push cheap souvenirs onto you at bad prices, I suggest being persistent and stick to your guns and say no.


Kawah Putih

Kawah Putih stands for white crater in english and is the next entry on our list. The putih is located about 50km south of Bandung and is a popular tourist destination. The site is heavily forested all around and can only be accessed by one main access road. Due to the habitat there is plenty of wildlife on or nearby the site from forest pigs and monkeys to eagles, there have even been sightings of panthers is the nearby forests (they don’t tend to venture to close to the site so no need to worry). 

Tips during your visit
 There is a main car park for visitors which has plenty of parking, the only catch however? It’s 5km from the main site. Don’t worry though there is a solution. A shuttle bus runs every 5 to 10 minutes and costs about 20,000 Rp which includes the cost of the transport and entry to the site. There are toilet facilities on site as well as different shelters around the site. There are different vendors scattered around the site trying to sell different souvenirs as well as food. Just keep in mind that the smell of sulfur can be quite strong.
Kawah Putih

Bamboo Village

The bamboo village can be experienced as part of an all day excursion. You can sit back and relax and take in the sights with your own personal guide. You can start your day by taking a wander around the beautiful Dusun Bambu  and it’s leisure park style complex. The site consists of a lake in the middle section of the village surrounded by a playground area and dining area. Towards the back of the site there is also a waterfall. There is a wara wiri (mini bus) which is free to use to take you around the complex. The site can be seen in full in around three hours so an excursion is normally made up alongside extra activities such as the Lembang floating market found nearby. If you book in advance you can get cheaper prices and also get a pickup and drop off from your hotel included in the price. 

Paris Van Java

If you’re a fan of shopping then this next one is for you. The Paris Van Java is a shopping mall with a unique twist. The mall is tastefully designed around a mediterranean themed architecture to give an unforgettable shopping experience. From Adidas to Zara and everything in between this mall has every single shop you could possibly need. A few of the different types of shops they offer include men’s and women’s clothing, toy shops, pharmacies, banks and even a hairdressers, there really is something for every member of the family here. 

Tips during your visit
 The complex is open from 10 am until 10 pm so there is plenty of time to do your shopping. I suggest turning up early as it’ll be easier to find a parking space. To help with the lunchtime rush i suggest having a snack mid-morning then waiting until around 2 to grab something for lunch. This way you can do your shopping without the hustle and bustle as people will be having lunch and then when you go to eat you’ll also find that it’s not so crowded. It’s a win win.

Trans Studio Bandung

Trans Studio is a family based theme park located just east of Bandung city centre. The park is split into three distinct areas, studio central, lost city and magic corner. The studio central is a nod to Hollywood with it’s walk of fame and 60’s Hollywood architecture. The lost city is jungle safari styled adventure where you have to save the trans Tv crew and explore the lost city. Lastly take a wander through magic corner where your senses will be dazzled! (their description not mine). If you’ve got younger children around the 10 and under age then i strongly suggest trans studio.

Tips during your visit
 The park itself is open from 10 – 6 weekdays and 10 – 7 on the weekends. The price for entry is between 180,000 to 280,000 ($12.50 – 19.50) this is for a standard ticket as there isn’t adult or children tickets so everyone pays the same. The ticket prices vary depending on whether or not it is peak or off peak and also whether it is a weekend or weekday. the park is quite large so i would give yourself a full day to see it in full. It is best to book your tickets in advance for best prices, they typically have a 30 to 50% off promotion directly from their website which can be found here at trans studio Bandung
Enjoy the rides over at Trans Studio

Bandung Treetop

Bandung Treetop is an adventure park based in the trees. An experienced instructor will take you around the circuit which has you climbing up to heights of 20 metres above the tree’s. They have 5 different colour coordinated circuits that vary in difficulty. they suggest going through them all from start to finish as a way to build yourself up to the final circuit. Each route consists of different activities from climbing, swinging, leaps of faith and more. For these activities you need to be mentally and physically fit to finish it. 

Tips during your visit
 There are three different types of pricing at Bandung Treetop. Adult tickets cost 200,00 Rp, children 140,000 Rp and family tickets (2 adults and 2 children) 540,000 Rp. This translates into roughly $14 for adults, $10 for children and $38 for a family ticket. The suggested duration to complete all the circuits is around 3 hours and bottled water is provided throughout. The park is open from 8 until 4 daily. I strongly suggest checking the weather before organising your trip here, i know it’s pretty obvious but it’s an easy thing to overlook and then you’ll end up being rained on and no one wants that. 

Bandung City Square

Bandung City Square is a massive green space in the centre of Bandung and is a must when visiting. There really isn’t much to it but i had to include it on this list. if you are visiting during the warmer season then i really recommend packing yourself a picnic and going down there and enjoy this lovely open space. the city square is best enjoyed alongside other activities such as before or after spending some time in the local area doing some shopping.

Cimahi Waterfall

Cimahi Waterfall is a beautiful 72 metre high waterfall which is located north of Bandung in the Lembang region about an hours drive from Bandung city centre. There are two viewing platforms for this waterfall located up a collection of steps. If you plan on visiting this waterfall please be aware that is isn’t very accessible if at all. To access the viewing platform you need to climb up many stairs so obviously this isn’t ideal for all. If accessibility is at all an issue then i suggest visiting Layung waterfall instead, it is more a series of rapids rather than one waterfall but is slightly more accessible than Cimahi. 

Everyday Balinese Spa

Last on our list we have the Everyday Balinese Spa. Located in the heart of Bandung this spa is easy to find. The spa is open daily from 9 am till 10 pm and has a wide array of treatments to suit many different people and their needs. Some of the treatments they offer include body bliss (a full body massage and body scrub which includes a face mask too!) amazing Balinese which is a massage that uses a warming herbal pouch that is said to help circulation and induce calmness as well as the traditional face massage. There is over 20 different treatments to choose from each can be tweaked to suit you, creating a genuinely unique experience. Don’t be intimidated by the amount of different things they have on offer, the staff are extremely attentive and friendly and always on hand to help. whatever treatment you decide to go for I am sure you will enjoy yourself. 

Because everyone needs a massage from time to time right?

There we have it, the top 11 things to do while in Bandung. If you liked this post then please feel free to share it and leave a comment below. Check out my previous post about the Maldives here if it is of any interest to you. As always thank you for taking the time to read this post and remember to check back soon for a new post.

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