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The Maldives is an area south west of Sri Lanka and is made up of 26 atolls which are made up of over 1000 coral islands. This place is famous for it’s beaches and lagoons and boasts some of the best views in the world. Here is an extensive travel guide come itinerary which guides you through these beautiful islands. Giving you the best places to eat, sleep and stay alongside days out and different activities, this travel guide has covered everything you could possibly need to know during your stay in paradise. All you need now is a sun lounger and a cocktail. 

Things to do while in the Maldives 


Male is the capital of the Maldives and is home to nearly 150,000 residents. The capital is normally the first stop for most things to do in the Maldives with a lot of tours and excursions starting at this point. While in the capital you will want to take a stroll through their famous markets which sells a whole host of different fish and local produce. While Male isn’t known itself for any major attractions it’s a good way to explore the Maldives and the way of life for the locals. Feed your curiosity and go for a wander and get a feel for the real Male.  

maafushi town 

Maafushi towns first visit is, of course, the beaches. When travelling in the Maldives this is obviously a must. Be warned though that there is a dress code. For example there is bikini beach, this is the only beach that allows its users to wear skimpy swimwear. Other beaches you are not allowed to expose your skin so consider this when picking what beach you go to as different rules apply for different beaches. 


Snorkelling is an absolute must when in the Maldives. It is an unforgettable experience and is without a doubt the best way to see the Maldives. The best way to ensure that you can do this easily is to book your stay at a resort that has good snorkelling house reefs. This is the best method as it takes out the leg work of organising and planning, also it’s all on your doorstep.

Island hopping 

Island hopping is a way to see all the islands and what each has to offer. As the Maldives is made up of many different islands you’re going to want to see as much of it as possible. Island hopping is normally an all day excursion and is generally booked in advance. This is a great way to get a feel for many different islands during the day. A few suggestions for different islands i suggest visiting are Maafushi, Kuredu Island and male.

See the dolphins

Last but by no means least is taking a visit to see the dolphins. The best time of the year to see the dolphins is during the dry season, more specifically between the months of January and April as the dolphins enjoy the nicer weather as much as you do! During the peak months dolphins shouldn’t be too hard to find. Due to this, any good tour guide should be able to take you to see them. There are many different dolphin tours available throughout the islands so it’s best to do your research before hand and book one with good credibility that is in your area. 

typical views

Tips and Tricks


It is important to plan your trip according to the weather. If you want majority sunshine then the best times to go is in the peak season between December and April. Due to this though the prices will be a lot higher in comparison to the off peak season. If you want to enjoy nice weather at lower prices why not try going just before or after the peak season, the weather is still good and the prices are lower. Going in May can be up to 30% cheaper in comparison to going in March, that’s a substantial saving.


When booking travel to the Maldives it is important to take into consideration the cost of travel. Like with most companies it is best to book well in advance. To get the best prices book as far in advance as you can and go through a travel comparison website. Once you have made your choice it is important to always make sure where you are buying from is authentic. There is nothing more devastating than arriving to an airport to find out your ticket is a fake.

local culture 
Know the in’s and out’s of the locals and their cultures. First things first, affection. I know this may be difficult as many couples decide to take their honeymoon in the Maldives. Being a pretty conservative country means that signs of affection is seen as unpleasant and things like kissing is not allowed, in any shape or form. The very most you could get away with is holding hands. 
Alcohol is prohibited. Being a Muslim country, alcohol in any form is frowned upon as it pork for that matter. When travelling through customs you have to leave any alcohol behind. With this being said some private resorts have permission to sell alcohol to tourists for consumption on site. Lastly it you are advised against drinking the tap water. Due to the process of getting rid of the germs and bacteria in the water to make it safe to drink it does not provide as much nutritional value and it is therefore suggested to go for bottled mineral water instead. 
Hidden costs 
Be aware of the different costs attached to the price of whatever it is you are purchasing. A lot of the time the displayed costs isn’t the purchase cost so be mindful of this. It is quite common to end up paying about 20% more than the original price. 


Visa requirements for the Maldives are easy and straight forward. Upon arrival you will be issued with a visitor visa which is valid for 30 days at no cost to yourself. You can extend the visa for up to 90 days by applying through the immigration department. 


Remember to keep public displays to a minimum

Where to stay


Kanuhura is comprised of three private islands, Kanuhura itself and two deserted neighbouring islands. Knuhura resort describes itself as the “ultimate luxury retreat for free-spirited adventurers”. The resort offers a range of private Bungalows and Villas throughout the island so you can enjoy the views with your own little slice of luxury and privacy. There are many amenities on the island including it’s 6 restaurants and 2 bars. They also boast a spa and on island clothing boutique. Prices at this resort range massively from between $500 up to $6000 per night during peak season.   

One & Only Reethi Rah

Our second luxury hotel on this list. The Reethi Rah is situated on one of the largest islands in the north male atoll. They offer a host of services and activities from bars and restaurants to climbing walls and shopping on island. There is also access to tennis and football courts. The resort has offers if you book direct through their site such as spa packages and early bird offers where you book early and pay less, stay for 7 nights but only pay for 5 for example. 

Amilla Fushi 

Amilla Fushi is another luxury resort with plenty to see and do! Although most island amenities are only a short walk they offer beach buggy’s as transport to get around. They offer a whole host of marine and land activities from water skiing, parasailing, badminton and even art classes. You have access to hair salons and barbers as well as saunas and steam rooms. There is everything you could possibly need on this island and you wouldn’t even need to leave.

private villa maldives
Villas looking out at the ocean

Food and Drink

When in the Maldives you must eat like a local. Ok well, you don’t have to, don’t let some random internet article tell you what to do. But on a serious note the local food is fantastic and here are a few of the suggested dishes. Garudhiya, so a bit of a mouthful to say but worth it. This dish is a fish broth that is served with rice, chilli, onions and lime. It’s commonly made with tuna but there has been some variations over the years. This dish is typically eaten with roshi, which is basically a chapati but Maldivian style.

Another popular dish with the locals is Mas huni. This is another fish dish which takes smoked fish and shreds it with coconuts and onions. This dish again is used mainly with tuna but other fish can be used and is served with roshi. Typically this dish is served for breakfast and goes nicely alongside hot tea.

Ok another fish dish here. Must be something to do with being surrounded by the sea. But if it’s there then why not use it right? This next dish is called Fihunu mas, which is basically just fish given the bbq treatment. Typically roasted or bbq’d a whole fish is covered in a marinade which typically consists of chilli and spices and sometimes a bit of coconut milk to help make a paste type coating.  Although the outcome of the fish is similar with both grilling and baking, baking is seen as the easier option as sometimes the skin can stick to the grill. But however you decide to have this dish, it is a must. 


grilled fish maldives
Typical grilled fish

There we go, a quick tips and tricks article to the maldives. Enough information to give you a good starting point for your travels. Hopefully displayed in a way that makes sense. If you enjoyed this article then please feel free to share this and drop a comment below, I love to say hi to my readers.

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